By Sankara Kamara…..

The African pastor who broke the law in Blacktown, Western Sydney, by disregarding anti-Covid restrictions and beckoning his followers to meet in church, is a mentally backward man.

Mindlessly reckless, Pastor Marvin Osaghae endangered public safety by convening church service at a time when the Australian government is battling against a pestilential, Delta variant.

According to police reports, 60 people, including children, were maskless in church, as the so-called pastor violated state-imposed restrictions against public gatherings.

While it is traditional to respect pastors and religious leaders in general, common decency requires us to oppose so-called men of God who mislead their followers with reckless abandon. Acting as a compass, the Holy Bible clearly urges Christians to obey the law of the land.

Unfortunately, there is a propensity in the AFRICAN community for SOME Christians to WORSHIP pastors, even when such pastors are behaviorally anti-Christian.

The 60 “Christians” who collaborated with the lawless pastor to break the law and subsequently endanger public safety in the midst of a pandemic, should have done the right thing by opposing the pastor’s antisocial intentions.

From Boko Haram’s Islamic terrorism in Nigeria to the Jihadism in Mali, misguided religiosity has become a serious African problem, exploitable by brainwashed Muslims and perverted Christians.

A pastor who exposes his followers to a killer virus is certainly a backward man.

© Sankara Kamara

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