African Muslims, Afghan Refugees And African Hypocrisy

By Sankara Kamara …..

Rwanda has become the latest African country to accept Afghan refugees within its borders, several days after the Ugandan absorption of 2,000 Afghan citizens.

Based on the primitive RACISM exhibited against AFRICANS by Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, I am certainly NOT a fan of the humanitarianism that is opening African societies to Afghan refugees.

Apart from the security risk it poses to Africa’s unstable political systems, the accommodation of Afghan refugees in Africa is shamefully laughable.

Muslim-majority countries, including Kuwait, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are so openly RACIST towards AFRICANS that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for those countries to take in THOUSANDS of African refugees, regardless of the heart-wrenching nature of an African conflict.

Almost every African encounter with Muslim-majority societies normally ends with the ENSLAVEMENT of Africans.

Blithely insincere, SOME African Muslims tend to make references to RACISM in the WEST, hypocritically ignoring a well-known FACT which establishes a truism, that the WEST is a MILLION TIMES SAFER for Africans than ANY Muslim-majority country in Asia.

There are African refugees in “racist” Australia, the United States and Canada, thriving and living comfortably. Contrastingly, Africans are frequently TORTURED and ENSLAVED in Muslim-majority countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It is painfully hypocritical to hear African Muslims rail against racism in the WEST, while ignoring the ENSLAVEMENT of AFRICANS in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East. Primitively RACIST against BLACK PEOPLE, Afghan refugees must be wondering why Africans are so childishly foolish. I will NOT be surprised if Afghan refugees try to treat their African hosts like subhumans. To hell with Africa’s self-devaluing “generosity” towards those who see Africans as monkeys.

© Sankara Kamara

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