Black Americans And The President Of Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara…..

The Presidents of Ghana and Sierra Leone have assumed brotherly positions by conferring their countries’ citizenship on several African-Americans. The term “African-American” can be controversial in the United States, not least because some black Americans are so bitterly anti-African that they do NOT want to be identified as “African-American.” With its tendency to be polemical, that topic should be reserved for another occasion.

As Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean leaders continue to confer their countries’ citizenship on African-Americans, it is essential to suggest that the two presidents’ actions be guided by farsightedness.

Before conferring Sierra Leonean citizenship on African-Americans, government should request criminal background checks as a precondition. Backed by an individual’s consent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation {FBI}, is always willing to send the result of a criminal background check to chosen institutions and entities.

Before I became an American citizen, the federal government instructed me to submit to a criminal background check. Conducted by the FBI, the result of the intrusive background check was sealed and sent to immigration. The Department of Homeland Security ordered a background check to certify that I have NEVER committed a crime in the United States of America.

A country’s citizenship is a special PRIVILEGE, conferred only on individuals with spotless reputations.

While Black Americans are African sons and daughters whose ancestors were uprooted from Africa by slavery, diplomatic prudence teaches that in today’s world, citizenship is only conferrable after thorough, background checks.

Despite their much-vaunted presence in Africa, even INVESTORS should be subjected to criminal background checks before they can be allowed to operate in an African country.

The problem we have is that most African leaders are so poorly informed about international issues that they tend to make unintelligent decisions that will adversely affect their countries in FUTURE.

© Sankara Kamara