Cabals Against IGP Dr. Sovula Will Fail Woefully.

By: Festus Justus Margai…….

It has been established that certain Assistant Inspector Generals (AIGs) have formed themselves into cabals and are feeding certain opposition journalists all manner of lies and fabricated stories about the Inspector General of Police just to discredit him make him out to be a bad man.

These so-called cabals are going from office to office peddling all manner of lies and are even actively vising ministers at night to tell all manner of bad stories to put the IGP in bad light and make him seem incompetent or incapable of handling the affairs of the SLP.

It would be advisable for the Inspector General of Police to be watchful and mindful of the type of people he has brought around him. He should be wary of who he shares and manages sensitive information on security matters because it is these same people in these cabals that will go around distorting such information just to give the IGP a bad name.

The IGP must always watch his back and be extra careful about those police officers and civilians who come around him, pretending to be his friends or being on his side.

Copyright: Festus Margai.