China’s Rude Diplomacy In Freetown.

By Sankara Kamara…..

The Chinese Embassy in Freetown needs a lesson in diplomatic etiquette.

A Chinese-strutting operative who identified himself as Du Zijun, “Commercial Counsellor” at the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone has released a childishly angry statement, scolding critics of Freetown’s ALLEGED bid to sell acres of rainforest to Chinese neocolonial ambitions in Sierra Leone. The rude tone of the statement shows its Chinese writer was NOT trained in the intricacies of interstate relations.

Sierra Leone is NOT a communist state, where leaders are unchallengeably supreme. Sierra Leoneans have rights to publicly OPPOSE schemes and deals struck with foreign powers.

A well-trained diplomat could have responded to Sierra Leonean popular anger without rudely yelling at Sierra Leonean citizens.

Questionable deals struck between POLITICIANS and foreign states are subject to scrutiny by citizens. Chinese imperialists are so free to be CORRUPT in Africa they see no reason to be RESPECTFUL to AFRICANS.

If Sierra Leone were ruled by PROUD and CONSCIOUS Africans, the Foreign Ministry in Freetown would summon the writer of that provocative rubbish for a lecture in responsible diplomacy.

© Sankara Kamara

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