Corruption Is Killing Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara…..

February 18 is “Armed Forces Day” in Sierra Leone.

May God bless the Sierra Leone Army. Ruined by corruption, Sierra Leone is a sad place to live.

If another country attacks Sierra Leone today, the Sierra Leone Army will find it difficult to defend the PEOPLE against a well-armed enemy.

Meanwhile, the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission is busy, boasting and displaying meretricious awards while the people wail in man-made poverty.

Some of the country’s hospitals do not even have running WATER, let alone present a stockpile of much-needed medications.

Boastful AWARDS given to the Anti-Corruption Commission mean NOTHING, in a country where unpunished corruption by the POLITICAL CLASS continues to produce mass suffering.

Corruption and intentionally criminal politics are the reasons why Sierra Leone cannot display armored tanks, missiles, long-range artillery and Attack Helicopters on Armed Forces Day.

May God bless the Sierra Leone Army.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara