Crude Aki-Sawyer Must Go.

By Sankara Kamara…..
Caught on tape and in her own words, the evidence against Aki-Sawyer is indubitable. Aki-Sawyer is a cunning pretender thickened by so much ethnic HATRED that she is a danger to the public office she holds.
She used the Mende expression “Buwaa Bisseh,” to make FUN of the way Mendes speak.  No CIVILIZED public office-holder should jump into such a gutter. CRUDE and full of ethnic hatred, Aki-Sawyer did!
Last but not least, Aki-Sawyer has essentially confessed to being so anti-Mende that she has no problem dishing out injustice to Mendes under her administrative control at the Freetown City Council.
As a PUBLIC OFFICE-HOLDER whose SALARY is paid by the PEOPLE, Aki-Sawyer should RESIGN.
If Aki-Sawyer has a shred of SHAME in her veins, she would RESIGN.
Copyright: Sankara Kamara