Dear Government of Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara…..

I am a son of Kissi Teng Chiefdom, born and raised in a town conveniently close to occupied and humiliated Yenga. I am also a scholar of international relations, with specific concentration in “National Security In Fragile States.” If the Government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs OR the President’s Office at State House, wants to write a letter to an international institution with regards to Yenga, I am willing to write such a letter. I will be a ghostwriter by anonymously drafting the document WITHOUT identifying myself as its author.

Far-flung from Freetown, Yenga is a part of Sierra Leone whose history MAY NOT be fully understood by SOME of our national leaders. If the need arises for an INTELLECTUAL presentation of our case to an international organization, vis-à-vis Yenga, I will lend my expertise to the writing of such a letter.

The Guinean army’s habitual humiliation of the Kissi people in Yenga has hotly stoked-up my nationalist feelings, rendering me visibly angry. As a nationalistic Sierra Leonean, I strongly believe in Sierra Leone’s right to exist, unmolested by Guinean military banditry. If the President’s Office OR Foreign Ministry needs to write a Yenga-themed letter for international diplomatic consumption, please let me know.

Angry and Nationalistic Sierra Leonean,
Sankara Kamara