Disgracing Sierra Leone While The World Watches.

By Sankara Kamara…..

I have seen a deceptive picture of a racist Chinese citizen and his Sierra Leonean victim, which some compatriots have touted as evidence of post-conflict reconciliation.

The so-called reconciliation is nothing but national embarrassment, a truly SHAMEFUL spectacle that can only be seen in a country without responsible leadership. In LAW-ABIDING societies, non-citizens who commit crimes are inexorably arrested and deported after SERVING TIME in JAIL.

I am a Sierra Leonean with an American passport. If I slap an Australian citizen in a capacity that legally identifies me as non-Australian, the rule of law will order my arrest, detention and deportation to the United States. Is our political system so full of sellouts that politicians can shamelessly supervise the ABUSE of CITIZENS by RACIST foreigners?

Nastier racist foreigners in Sierra Leone can examine this incident and realize that our political system is so unnationalistic that Sierra Leoneans can be abused in collaboration with the state. I will not be surprised to know that the so-called reconciliation between the racist Chinese man and his victim was forged behind the scenes by the political system, aimed at diluting national anger over a blood-boiling video that has gone viral.

In countries controlled by patriotic political systems, non-citizens who assault citizens will face ARREST, revocation of immigration documents, IMPRISONMENT and DEPORTATION. In our pathetic country called Sierra Leone, an offending Chinese racist was NOT even arrested and questioned about his IMMIGRATION status.

A Sierra Leonean who assaults a Chinese citizen in China will be jailed, tortured and DEPORTED. This national embarrassment, through which a racist foreigner was allowed to FREELY get away with a CRIME against a son of the soil, should NOT be seen as “reconciliation.” This national disgrace is an INVITATION to more incidents of ABUSE by racist foreigners, who have accurately observed that our political system has NO LOVE for the country it punishingly controls.

May God have mercy on politically UNFORTUNATE Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara.