Fatima Bio Needs A Lesson In Democratic Politics.

By Sankara Kamara…..

The burgeoning scandal surrounding our First Lady, Mrs. Fatima Jabbe Bio, has once again, highlighted the responsibilities of public figures in Sierra Leone. A public figure, especially one who enjoys privileges provided by taxpayers, should be affable enough to face criticism without resorting to tantrums and infantile arrogance.

Ready to throw hints on her Facebook page and insultingly refer to critics as “educated fools,” Fatima Bio LACKS the sophistication associated with her position as First GENTLEWOMAN of the Republic. Rather than discuss intelligent and engaging topics, the First Lady’s Facebook page drips with hints and petty backtalk, aimed at her critics. Based on her indecorous attitude on social media and the talkative videos in which she SWEARS at critics, the First Lady has failed to observe the standard of BEHAVIOR associated with her status.

I am an SLPP-leaning man, trenchantly opposed to the All People’s Congress, APC. My sense of NATIONALISM is, however, greater than the romanticism which endears me to the ruling SLPP. That sense of nationalism is what motivates me to say the TRUTH when President Bio strays into unpatriotic territory.

Fatima Jabbe Bio needs to know that as a public figure with access to PUBLIC FUNDS, she is ANSWERABLE to the people of Sierra Leone.

Besides, the First Lady is a consumer of privileges granted by the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone. The food she eats, cars she drives, medical expenses, MONEY with which she luxuriates and the police officers who PROTECT her, are all state-granted privileges generated by the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone. That expensive and privileged lifestyle should urge our First Lady to be RESPECTFUL and address her CRITICS without insults, backchats and other forms of pettiness.

Goaded by an opportunistic desire to curry favor and keep their cushy jobs, praise-singers who FLATTER the First Lady with undeserved compliments are NOT helping the growth of democracy and CIVILIZED politics in Sierra Leone. A CIVILIZED society should be able to demand ACCOUNTABILITY without being insulted by the public figures it feeds and houses via public funds.

President Bio needs a serious conversation with his wife, so that the First Lady can understand the EXPECTATIONS and RESPONSIBILITIES of her privileged position. Otherwise, the First Lady will inexorably cast herself as a public relations disaster, released to embarrass the President’s Office and reduce the Anti-Corruption Commission to an exercise in selective justice.

May God bless Sierra Leone.
Copyright:  Sankara Kamara