Forget Lungi Bridge: We Need Bread, Butter & National Security.

By Sankara Kamara…..

What was the outcome of the so-called high-powered delegation dispatched from Freetown to Conakry? Dis nar real advantage! It all happened before our eyes. The Guineans woke up one morning and mercurially closed their own borders, deployed armed troops along the sealed borders, and in a bold exhibition of DISRESPECT towards Sierra Leone, the Guineans violated our borders after tightly sealing their own boundaries.

Militarily impotent, Sierra Leone sent a delegation to BEG the Guinean government after Conakry’s display of arrogance in Yenga. What kind of diplomacy is this? There is nothing diplomatic in this humiliating drama! The sorrowful pantomime enacted over Yenga was a policy of appeasement formulated by a dangerously weak Sierra Leone, buckling under Guinean aggression. You cannot achieve “PERMANENT PEACE” by submissively rewarding an aggressor.

As experience repeatedly shows in Yenga, the Guineans will come back after few months, attack more villages, rape women, seize livestock from Sierra Leonean villagers and, in a village like Sokoma, around Yenga, the Guineans will intensify the violation of our territorial existence by digging for diamonds, as they have been doing since the end of our civil war.

Let us put the so-called Lungi Bridge on hold and use the imaginary bridge’s ONE BILLION dollars to SOLVE other national emergencies. Be it a loan or double-edged “gift” from an imperialistic source, the ONE BILLION dollars earmarked for that elephantine bridge can be used to rejig Sierra Leone with reliable WATER SUPPLY, sanitation, well-equipped medical facilities in EVERY district, and the TRAINING and rebuilding of our ARMY.

Three-hundred and fifty million dollars from that amount can be used to retrain our soldiers, purchase BASIC equipment like anti-tank guns, Cascavel tanks, all-terrain vehicles, modern assault rifles, and pieces of long-range artillery for every battalion of the Sierra Leone Army. Let us think and act like a nation with brains, COMMON SENSE and foresight. A MINERAL-RICH nation that cannot DEFEND itself will invite aggression from cowardly bullies in its neighborhood. May God bless Sierra Leone.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara