By Sankara Kamara…..

The detection of Marburg virus in Guinea should stir anxiousness in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The deadly virus was uncloaked in Gueckedou, a Guinean town close to Sierra Leone’s eastern border. The government in Freetown should classify the Guinean discovery as a gathering danger, and assume a posture in readiness for any eventuality.

A country without well-equipped hospitals should NOT wait for a killer virus to spread within its borders, before taking defensive action. An emerging threat should be tackled before it matures into a monster.

Unfortunately, Sierra Leone is not particularly known for having responsible governments, a tragic fact that can turn preventable problems into national disasters.

I hope the Ministry of Health in Freetown is devising MEASURES and allocating RESOURCES, ready to DEFEND Sierra Leone against an invading virus.

May God have mercy on Guinea-Conakry, Liberia and politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara

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