Guinean Political History: Lansana Conté Seizes Power

By Sankara Kamara…..

On April 3rd 1984, a military coup was announced in the West African state of Guinea.

Two days after the seizure of power, on April 5th 1984, Colonel Lansana Conté ebulliently emerged as Guinea’s military ruler.

The military junta set up a government known as, “Comité militaire de redressement national.” The junta’s name can be translated from French to English as, “Military Committee For National Rectification.”

Slightly more than a year later, on the night of July 4th 1985, another tempestuous military coup was staged by Lansana Conté’s former Prime Minister, Colonel Diarra Traoré.

The rivalry between Fullas and Madingos immediately came to the fore, when the most prominent Fullas in government, Captain Ousmane Sowe, who was based at Camp Alpha Yaya and Captain Mamdou Balde, mobilized a COMMANDO unit to attack Diarra Traore, who was a Madingo.

Colonel Diarra Traoré was captured the next, on July 5th 1985 and executed without trial.

In the witch-hunt that followed, an unspecified number of Madingo military officers were rounded up and shot to death on Lansana Conté’s orders. In 1990, Lansana Conté promoted himself from Colonel to General.

 On this day in 1984, a military coup overthrew Guinea’s INTERIM President, Louis Lansana Beavogui, subsequently bringing Colonel Lansana Conté to power.

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Copyright: Sankara Kamara