By A Concerned Sierra Leonean……

“This currency re -denomination drive don put some APC people off”. Not all. E don shatter all den plan dem. “

According to inside sources,
they are alleged to have hoarded billions and billions of leones which they  intend  to use for the 2023/24  General Elections.

However, legally acquiring a lot of money is fine because Sierra Leone is a capitalist driven economy which encourages capitalist individualism. In the case of some of these APC friends, those billions were illegally acquired.

Nevertheless, the new currency is going to send their plans back to square one. The new currency program is coming with a lot of regulations and strings attached to it interms of withdrawals, exchange rate and circulation.

This has devastated all their plans because their wealth accumulation pyramid is going to collapse soon. When and how will this pyramid be rebuilt?.Is the million dollar question a lot of them are asking themselves today.

Putting aside the politics, this move is also going to add value to our economy and by extension the gross domestic produc which stands the possibility of pushing down inflation due to consumer confidence that will be re injected in the economy.

Sierra Leone is blessed to have elected a president with the right vision.

When he came in initially, he wanted to launch this re- denominatoin project but the world bank stopped him on the premise that he does not have the necessary economic environment to roll it out.. He was given certain benchmarks which he has now attained.

According to the bank governor, the mining industry has increased and there is a lot of investment in agriculture which has precipitated Sierra Leone to have a fiscal back up for its currency re- denomination program.

“We told Sierra Leoneans to be patient”. Things are turning around gradually.

Despite these accusations against the APC,  we still call on them to join the president in a constructive way to help rebuild this nation. All economic experts in the APC know that this is a good move.”But then nor go talk am.”

In my previous articles, there are excerpts which talked about SLPP having an avalanche of political, economic and engineering experts which has allowed the party to be very good at state governance. Their governance model is juxtaposed with gradualism ,constructivism and sustainability.

The APC are still our brothers. We all own Sierra Leone and call on them,as an opposition, to come on board our nation building drive. Support us where you can and critisize constructively when it is in place.

Sierra Leone is about to change for the better. This president has a vision and a plan.

Let him execute it and  you will see the result soon.

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