How To DESTROY Sierra Leone

By Sankara Kamara…..

Bereft of national pride, some Sierra Leoneans are well-versed in the politics of national destruction.

When the Commission of Inquiry swung into action to expose Ernest Koroma’s corruption, APC supporters boldly defended the former president’s criminality.

Today, SLPP foot soldiers are restless, shamelessly DEFENDING the money-grabbing frenzy in President Maada Bio’s administration.

After series of falsehoods and prevarications, the First Lady of the Republic, Fatima Bio, grudgingly admitted that the president did order the treasury to disburse hefty sums of money to her so-called “Office of the First Lady.”

Despite touting himself as an anti-corruption campaigner, President Bio unthinkingly enabled corruption when he ORDERED the disbursement of significant sums of money to the First Lady’s office without observing the principles of accountability.

Given a license to splurge as she pleases, Fatima Bio moved into action, spending Sierra Leonean money like a knife sliding through butter.

Records show, for example, that the First Lady’s brother, SIDIQUE JABBIE, has withdrawn enough money from our treasury to wreck a whole government department.

These are the crimes SLPP EXTREMISTS have chosen to DEFEND in broad daylight, often with unashamed delight.

APC and SLPP fanatics have sent a dangerously UNPATRIOTIC message to our country’s political class. The message says APC and SLPP-produced presidents can rob Sierra Leone like mercenaries in action, and still enjoy the loyalties of TRIBAL and political PARTY stalwarts.

Sent by APC and SLPP supporters, that message is the surest way to unpatriotically DESTROY Sierra Leone.

What an unfortunate country!

Copyright: Sankara Kamara