How To Selfishly DESTROY Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara……

The State House-based soldiers who RECORDED themselves while threatening to shoot members of the opposition, represent a national security threat in a politically fragile country. Apart from the security risk they represent, the UNPROFESSIONAL soldiers are being illegally political. Military professionalism clearly states that enlisted soldiers should NEVER sound or act political.

While soldiers COULD be deployed in turbulent moments to save the state from descending into anarchy, it is indubitably true that members of the armed forces should NEVER be politically tendentious.

That is exactly the UNCIVILIZED politics imposed on Sierra Leone by Siaka Stevens and his APC operatives, ultimately destroying our national institutions and plunging Sierra Leone into a horrendous CIVIL WAR.

If President Bio is an enlightened man, he will order the DISMISSAL of those soldiers.

Any Sierra Leonean who supports this primitive brand of politics is either politically illiterate, semi-illiterate or a brainless TRIBALIST. In the interest of NATIONALISM, let us say the TRUTH, no matter how UGLY it sounds.

© Sankara Kamara