Maada And Fatima, Like Samson And Delilah.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Those who are defending Fatima Bio’s extravagance in Sierra Leone are nothing but SHAMELESS hypocrites. President Maada Bio came to power, huffing and puffing against corruption. The man claimed to be so antithetical to corruption that he ordered the empanelment of a Commission of Inquiry, tasked with EXPOSING unrepentant looters in Sierra Leonean politics.

Hardly three years in power, President Bio’s government is knee-deep in corruption, with his out-of-control wife crystallizing her wildest financial fantasies.

If COMPARING Sia Koroma’s corruption to Fatima Jabbe’s looting frenzy is the only defensive argument President Bio’s government has in its armory, then SLPP is no different from the criminally-minded APC it replaced.

Fatima Jabbe’s SCANDAL will cause some people to lose their reputations. Anyone who makes dishonest arguments in DEFENSE of Fatima Jabbe’s unethical behavior will lose his or her reputation.

Fatima Jabbe is BAD NEWS for Sierra Leone. In the middle of a global pandemic, Fatima enticed President Bio into a RISKY and hedonistic three-week HONEYMOON in Lebanon, where significant sums of money were spent.

Whereas the biblical Delilah was Samson’s nemesis, Fatima is President Bio’s public relations disaster.

President Bio can either teach his wife some lessons in responsible behavior, or risk losing every shred of TRUST the president enjoys from Sierra Leoneans whose loyalties are NOT based on tribalism.

Anyone who DEFENDS or rationalizes Fatima Jabbe’s looting spree in poverty-stricken Sierra Leone, is a bloody hypocrite. It is clear that “Hands Off Our Girls” is chillingly a cover for Fatima’s random forages into our national treasury.

If COMPARING Sia Koroma’s corruption to Fatima’s excesses is the BEST ARGUMENT government can proffer, then there was no need to electorally purge the criminal APC.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara