Maada Bio, The Unhelpfully Quiet President.

By Sankara Kamara…..

The President and People of The United States of America are annually expected to observe a solemn ceremony in honor of the approximately 3,000 people who died during the September 11th terror attacks.

Guided by a sense of NATIONALISM, I expected the President of Sierra Leone to address the nation on the 30th anniversary of the outbreak of the 1991 civil war, which maimed and killed more human beings than the September11th disaster in the United States.

President Bio did NOT address the nation because Sierra Leone is a NATION without NATIONAL PRIDE, a peculiarity which undergirds our ignominy as a visionless nation.

A nation that sparkles with NATIONAL PRIDE is always conscious of its dishonorable past and frenziedly protective of its CITIZENS.

In my lifetime, Sierra Leone has NEVER produced a president with a proneness to nurture our NATIONAL PRIDE.

There is little wonder, we did NOT learn any LESSON from the bloody civil war.

Apart from the need for nationalism, democracy and ACCOUNTABILITY in governance, the civil war also taught us to be a SECURITY-CONSCIOUS nation, a republic with a strong military muscle.

With a population of at least seven million and mineral-rich, a responsibly-governed Sierra Leone can raise and maintain a NATIONAL ARMY of SIXTY-THOUSAND men, backed by an air force, navy and awesomely armed ground forces, poised to PROTECT our borders and DEFEND against external aggression with a truculent military muscle.

Thanks to the idiots we keep churning out as presidents, these NATIONALISTIC ideas will sadly remain mere fantasies.

May God have mercy on Sierra Leone, a POLITICALLY UNFORTUNATE country.

Copyright : Sankara Kamara