More Training For Unprofessional Soldiers.

By Sankara Kamara……

On 27th April 2021, the Sierra Leone Government issued a statement via the Ministry of Defense, dissociating itself from the unprofessional soldiers who recorded themselves dancing and threatening to shoot members of the opposition.

Thank you, Sierra Leone Government for condemning the unruly soldiers. The cavorting soldiers proved, once again, that despite our eleven-year ordeal during the civil war, Sierra Leone is NOT a security-conscious nation. Soldiers in a security-conscious country should NOT be expected to engage in such foolery. Here is the problem.

By filming themselves ON DUTY and broadcasting the recorded video, the soldiers committed TWO, serious security BLUNDERS. {1} The video exposed a part of our presidential building that should NEVER be seen by UNINVITED members of the public. {2} An observer with a sense of security can look at the video and, at least, GUESS the number of ARMED guards posted to secure that part of State House.

This blunder should make us question the kind of training which those soldiers underwent. By itself, the ability to fire a loaded gun is NOT enough to make a well-trained soldier. A well-trained soldier should be INTELLIGENT enough to see PROBABLE sources of danger, and possess the operational tactics to DECEIVE and outmaneuver an enemy.

In a bid to zealously demonstrate LOYALTY to the Head of State, the recorded soldiers EXPOSED their military POSITIONS to every member of the PUBLIC, thereby unwittingly endangering the president they wanted to energetically protect.

We are NOT a security-conscious nation, but who cares? As a scholar of international relations, I know with unfailing exactitude that national security problems in fragile states can come from least expected sources. The soldiers seen in that video need MORE training in strategic THINKING and operational tactics.

May God bless politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara