National Security: Do Not Forget The Sierra Leone Army

By Sankara Kamara…..

I have listened to President Bio’s speech during the State Opening of Parliament, which contains an array of national topics.

Stunningly ABSENT from the president’s list of national issues is the role of the Sierra Leone Army in national defense.

Without necessarily discussing sensitive national security issues, a security-conscious president could have assuaged our feelings of insecurity by prioritizing recruitment, training, ARMING and professionalization of the Sierra Leone Army.

National defense was IGNORED because despite being a former soldier, President Bio’s sense of SECURITY is troublingly low.

As a country that has been bloodied and burnt down by a criminal like Charles Taylor, Sierra Leone should be SECURITY-CONSCIOUS enough to raise a well-equipped army, capable of defending us against foreign aggressors.

Lacking a CONSCIOUS and RESPONSIBLE political system, Sierra Leone has so far failed to PAY ATTENTION to NATIONAL DEFENSE, even as neighboring Guinea’s periodic military provocations stab us in the back through border violations.

A short-sighted nation will NOT know the importance of a TRAINED and EQUIPPED army until an aggressor shows up at its doorstep.

When led by RESPONSIBLE leaders, Sierra Leone can do many important things at the same time. Less intelligent leadership means mass suffering, even in a mineral-rich country overflowing with natural resources.

The two billion dollars earmarked for Lungi Bridge, for example, can be rechannelled to serve Sierra Leone in many SECTORS of national DEVELOPMENT, including water supply, sanitation, medical facilities, recruitment, training, and upgrading of the Sierra Leone Army with modern armored personnel carriers, fleets of all-terrain vehicles to facilitate the deployment of soldiers during an emergency, long-range artillery to pound enemy positions with deadly shells, and missile-armed helicopters to provide air cover for our ground forces as they kick an enemy’s ass with merciless ferocity.

Nation-building includes maintenance of a combat-ready army capable of defending citizens against foreign molesters. A SOBER-MINDED nation does not need giant-sized brains to realize such an important point. May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara

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