No Justice In Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara

If you accuse Sankara Kamara of stealing a cell phone in Australia and call the police, the investigating police officer will not assault me if I COMPLY with his commands. God knows, the sister who was mercilessly beaten in Freetown did NOT resist arrest. The uncivilized idiot in uniform simply chose to use brutality as his first and ONLY method of investigating an ALLEGED crime.

If EVIDENCE shows that I did steal the phone, I will be GENTLY invited to a police station. Since this crime is a MISDEMEANOR {a MINOR crime}, I may or may NOT be charged. If charged and convicted in court, I could be sent home on PROBATION, as a FIRST-TIME offender.

If given a 2-week jail time for this MINOR CRIME, I will be FED 3 times a day, given medication when sick, allowed to exercise and take regular showers in my jail room, and get my meals on time. These are SOME of the differences between countries run by civilized men and banana republics. When political criminals steal MILLIONS of dollars in banana republics, nothing happens, afterwards. When a poor woman ALLEGEDLY steals a cell phone, den go beat am lek Okuru dog.

There is NO JUSTICE in Sierra Leone. Una nor dey fraid God?

Copyright: SANK