Paopa Propaganda and Fatima Bio.

By Sankara Kamara …..

Please do not COMPARE New Zealand’s proposal to distribute free sanitary pads among school-going females, to Fatima Bio’s scheme in Sierra Leone.

Here is the difference between New Zealand and Sierra Leone. New Zealand is an ACCOUNTABLE society, where PUBLIC FIGURES are scrutinized and punished for the slightest mishandling of public funds.

On the other hand, Fatima Bio lives in Sierra Leone, a corrupt country where she is UNTOUCHABLE and UNACCOUNTABLE. Truth-seeking Sierra Leoneans now know that “Hands Off Our Girls” is a cover for looting, hence Fatima’s penchant for unethically withdrawing huge sums of money from “Hand Off Our Girls” bank accounts, and converting those withdrawals into her PERSONAL possessions.

As an ACCOUNTABLE society, government in New Zealand will ensure every disbursed dollar is used towards the distribution of sanitary pads. We cannot say the same thing in Sierra Leone, where Fatima Bio and other well-placed associates are unaccountable and above the law. Please do NOT compare free sanitary distribution in New Zealand, an ACCOUNTABLE society, to Fatima Bio’s money-making scam in poverty-stricken Sierra Leone.

Why do some Sierra Leoneans HATE their own country so intensely that they are ready to PUBLICLY make FALSE statements in DEFENSE of CORRUPTION?

Are you not tired of living in a country where corruption inexorably makes life miserable? Damn!

Copyright: Sankara Kamara