Police Brutality In Sierra Leone..

By Sankara Kamara…..

I have seen a notably disturbing video in which a member of the Sierra Leone Police was in action, assaulting a defenseless woman with animalistic cruelty. Wielding an object that looks like a rifle magazine, the police officer violently hit the woman on her head, possibly inflicting traumatic injuries. Although government has released a statement claiming the wayward officer has been arrested, more problem-solving actions are needed to tackle this police-produced cancer in our country.

The QUALITY of governance a nation enjoys partly depends on the justness of its laws and levels of CONSCIOUSNESS in the politicians who control the state.

As the politician in charge of the Police Force, a CONSCIOUS Minister of Interior could have responded to the distressing video by thrusting himself in the news, consequently holding a press conference to ANNOUNCE the ARREST of the brutal police officer.

Flanked by the Inspector-General of Police and other high-ranking officers, a problem-solving Minister of Interior would have PUBLICLY ORDERED the Inspector-General of Police to reexamine our police TRAINING MANUAL, a document used to mold and mint the alarming number of violence-prone officers in the Sierra Leone Police. News can be impactful when generated by politicians.

A properly trained police officer would have known that it is ILLEGAL to torture a suspect. A well-meaning police training school should WARN its recruits that statements and confessions obtained during torture are NOT admissible in court. At least, not in a civilized society.

A CONSCIOUS and HANDS-ON Minister of Interior who governs with unpretentious practicality, can be more effective than a lazily written police statement posted on social media.

Last but not least, the poor lady who was assaulted should be taken to HOSPITAL and MEDICALLY treated by government. A police officer is an agent of the state. When a police officer criminally offends society in the line of duty, government should take RESPONSIBILITY for the non-observance of law by its agents.

May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara