Politically Unfortunate Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara ……

How do you say, “Happy Independence Day” to a desperately poor population in a naturally rich country? The feeding and lodging of SEVERAL foreign leaders and their teams of handlers, can cost significant sums of money.

As a Sierra Leonean, I UNDERSTAND my country’s political system very well. I will not be surprised to know, several months or years later, that corrupt politicians used this year’s so-called Independence Celebration as cover to ROB the Central Bank and treasury, through unethical withdrawals of huge sums of money. That has ALWAYS been the case in Sierra Leone, for at least 60 years.

With a heavy heart, let me say, Happy “Independence” Day to you, my politically ABUSED birthplace, Sierra Leone. May God PUNISH and DESTROY all those who are, or have, criminally BETRAYED the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone. May God DESTROY those who are ROBBING, or have ROBBED, the PEOPLE of Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara