President Bio Has Lost Control Of The System.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Every Sierra Leonean cannot facilely convert himself into a hypocritical praise-singer.

As a nationalist at heart, my principle is to praise government when it works in our national interest and criticize politicians when they become dangerously anti-Sierra Leonean.

Despite the deafening propaganda crafted to beautify the government in Freetown, reality unflatteringly tells me that President Maada Bio has lost control of the government he supposedly leads.

Working in President Bio’s favor, at least for now, are three anti-Sierra Leonean elements, which are tribalism, hypocrisy and mass illiteracy.

Tribally motivated supporters will invariably defend President Bio, even when Sierra Leone is mired in misery.

Hypocrites will see the truth and shamelessly take leave of DECENCY to DEFEND corruption.

For its part, mass illiteracy is the germ that induces the imbecilic belief that President Bio’s so-called good intentions should justify thievery in office. Good intentions and performance of duty should NEVER justify the corrupt activities of paid politicians who swore to SERVE a NATION.

The incontestability of that principle explains why the leader of a Western democracy will be FORCED out of office when he becomes corrupt enough to accept a bribe, for example.

President Bio’s Chief Minister has become a mini-version of Joseph Saidu Momoh’s Bambay Kamara, an unchecked minion who was known for devising schemes and spawning scandals with reckless abandon.

The scandals surrounding our First Lady and Chief Minister are so damaging that if President Bio continues to ignore them, operatives in other government departments could be emboldened to intensify the ongoing plunder of Sierra Leone.

Insensitive to the criminality of his men, President Joseph Saidu Momoh presided over one of the most rotten governments in Sierra Leone.

POWERLESS against his unethical WIFE and tacitly supportive of Chief Minister’s rampageous maneuverings in government, President Bio is fast-becoming a Joseph Saidu Momoh, a former president who was too DUMB and WEAK to take CONTROL of a sinking nation.

May God bless Sierra Leone, a politically unfortunate country!

Copyright: Sankara Kamara