President Without Common Sense.

By Sankara Kamara…..

President Bio’s declared intention to give thousands of dollars to Sierra Leonean footballers, shows a congenital lack of foresight and absence of intelligence in some African leaders.

Splurging thousands of dollars on footballers in a country where government-run hospitals lack BASIC essentials like running WATER, is indicative of our president’s POOR SENSE OF JUDGMENT.

Sierra Leoneans are known for frequently begging diasporan-based compatriots on social media to dip into their pockets and contribute towards the saving of sick people, who can ONLY be treated in Ghanaian hospitals! What a national shame!

The president of a country with chronic shortages of WATER in dilapidated hospitals, should be strategic when dispensing national resources. The Ministry of Health can use that money to buy acutely-needed antibiotics for one or two RURAL hospitals. We have been reminded, once again, that Sierra Leone is NOT poor. Poor leadership is our problem.

Lack of national pride, leaders without BRAINS and a political system that knows nothing about NATIONALISM, are the problems and plagues killing Sierra Leone.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara