By Abdulai Braima…..

SIERRA LEONE, under the New Direction government of HE President Julius Maada Bio, is appearing on the global stage featuring where things really matter.

The Global Partnership for Education is the biggest of its kind, in an international partnerships, dedicated to raising funds to help bring quality education to disadvantaged children in poorer countries.

This year’s summit in London is coming at a time when the world is in the harrowing grips of a killer pandemic.

The fact that Heads of State, key influencers in the world of education and other major players are converging at a time like this is an indication that the global battle against ILLITERACY, IGNORANCE, DISEASE and the fight to address structural systemic defects that produce underdevelopment, has an intertwined link that requires the total support of everyone from everywhere.

The GPE Summit is not a talking shop; it is an ACTION PLATFORM on which the foundations for building up a fairer more inclusive world is laid down through the provision of opportunities and the harnessing of potentials for the many.

FUNDING is crucial in the fight to address the huge gap between the very rich and the not-so-rich nations. It is in active recognition of this fact that the Global Education Summit is gearing up to raise at least $5 billion over the next 5 years to give support to needy nations deserving of such supports.

It could be recalled that on becoming the president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, in May 2018, HE Julius Maada Bio was very clear and emphatic about the goals of his flagship program- to fight illiteracy and ignorance by working to make quality education accessible to the majority of our youngsters who are not just the foundation of what we are building today, but who would be the real buildings that would last us into our solid tomorrows!

So far, the records speak out gloriously and the statistics favourably. Not just in the numbers of teachers and School Inspectors being employed or the number of educational facilities being erected but more so in the rapid upward movement of the graph that is consistently pointing towards an educational revival in Sierra Leone.

It’s refreshing to note that our national conversation is now increasingly centred around Education!

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the Sierra Leone Free Quality Education (SLFQE) have a clear merger in the Global Education Summit (GES). This is a natural meeting point for two great practical visions that are working to pull millions out of illiteracy, ignorance and the attendant problems of poverty, deprivation and underdevelopment!

As the curtains are drawn apart for the commencement of a glorious summit in a lightly showery South West London, please join Sierra Leone, and the rest of the world, to RAISE OUR HANDS FOR INCLUSIVE EDUCATION and for widespread DEVELOPMENT!

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