Rev Emmanuel S.J. Pewa: Potential Methodist Bishop In The Making.

By A Concerned Sierra Leonean…..

Profile of Rev. Dr. Emmanuel S.J. Pewa

~ Time for a Leadership that watches over our Souls (Hebrews 13:17) ~.

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel S.J Pewa is a son of a late Clergyman  who is  diligently the most qualified, competent, dedicated and resourceful Bishopric candidate under the United Methodist Annual Conference (UMAC).

He was raised imbibing the ethos and doctrines of the United Methodist.

Rev. Pewa’s service as a Clergy is a fulfillment of his Father’s dream and that of Proverbs 22 v 6 which states: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

His strong Christian faith is easily evident in his teachings and preachings of the Word of God.

His daily Devotional Nugget, “The Moment that Inspires,” continues to SPIRITUALLY INSPIRE and touch the lives of many across the UMAC and beyond.

Rev. Dr. Pewa is a living testimony and an inspiration to the sons and daughters of the
Clergy who are desirous to work in the service of the Lord.

He has strong academic credentials: He holds 2 Bachelor’s Degrees in Applied Theology (1st Class) and a Bachelors of Arts Degree (majoring in English and Literature) and a Certificate in Pastoral Studies. He also has to his advantage, 2 Master’s Degrees – Masters in Rural Development and Masters in Public Administration.

In recognition of his exemplary role and preaching of the Word of God and trainings conducted for the International Leadership Institute (ILI) in the Western Area, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity. His extensive experience in team building and team work is a great asset the UMAC will benefit from.

Rev. Dr. Pewa will bring to the Bishopric, 17 years of dedicated and unbroken service in Church
Administration, Development and Pastoral Leadership in the Lord’s Vine yard in Bishop Humper, Price Memorial, Brown Memorial, and King Memorial United Methodist Churches.

His quintessential advantage is that he will easily translate his vast experience as a Teacher, Administrator and Fundraiser in the work of the UMAC.

He is results-driven, organized and detailed-oriented and  an exceptional Gospel Sing-Song Writer with 100 songs to his credit.

Rev  Dr Pewa has used and will continue with this God-Given talent to evangelize and win souls for Christ.

His Resource-Mobilization skills are fundamental in progressing the work of the UMAC beyond its current status.

Rev. Dr. Pewa has a proven competence in resource mobilization. He successfully managed a project for the African Development Bank (ADB) worth US$ 28 Million during his service with the Ministry of Health. With his advantage and experience, Rev. Pewa will leverage his advantages to mobilize technical and financial resources for the UMAC.

His service, as Chairman of the Youth and Young Adult and Campus Ministries for 10 years,  is self-evident of his understandings of the challenges of the young people in the UMAC.

To this end, his administration will provide the platform for young people to take active role
and prepare them for the leadership of the UMAC.

As women are the cornerstone on which the UMAC is firmly built,  Rev. Dr. Pewa will mobilize
resources to recapitalize projects and initiatives for women that will serve the underprivileged
and their communities.

In response to the challenges of the UMAC, the immediate transformational priorities will include but, limited to,:

a. Increase on the spirituality of the UMAC with God’s help;

b. Embark on continuing Adult Learning including in-service trainings for the Clergy and
Lay-Leaders of the UMAC;

c. Initiate a welfare system for retired Clergy in need of medical and other social services

d. Improve on Evangelism and other outreach programmes of the UMAC

e. Mobilize technical and financial resources to recapitalize the work of the UMAC

f. Support innovative income generating activities within the UMAC

g. Prioritize the welfare of serving clergy and make them respectable servants of God

h. Lobby and liaise with the Private sector to create jobs for United Methodist young graduates

i. Support Women’s programmes and initiatives within the UMAC.

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Pewa is set to make a difference in the Leadership of the United Methodist Annual Conference!!


  1. Rev Pewa is a man who says yes is yes, what ever he say he will do.We pray that God will make him succeed in what ever he is trying to do.

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