Salone Police: Please Set The Man Free.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Several hours ago, an APC supporter was arrested in Bo when he posted a rant-filled video, in which he claimed President Bio has NOT done anything for the people of Bo Town. Speaking as a fearless APC stalwart, the man also referred to President Bio as “a liar.”

Let me speak like an educated man. In democracy, a REAL democracy, it is NOT a crime to intentionally belittle the “achievements” of an incumbent president. In a democratic society, even a highly successful president can be dismissed by opponents as “a liar and FAILURE.”

Democracy, REAL democracy, allows critics to willfully trivialize the achievements of an opponent. In an ENLIGHTENED and DEMOCRATIC society, it is NOT a crime to “insult” or refer to a leader as “liar.”

I will NEVER be arrested in Australia for PUBLICLY castigating a national leader as “liar.” I am so used to enjoying FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS that the hero-worshiping of Sierra Leonean POLITICIANS scares the hell out of me. If a man can be arrested, stripped half-naked and thrown in jail for merely referring to President Bio as “liar,” I could be skinned alive if they catch me in Freetown.

Our political system is in NO HURRY to be civilized. I HATE APC, but damn! Please release the man. If he is NOT guilty of being physically violent, the man should be RELEASED. In CIVILIZED societies, it is NOT a crime to pejoratively refer to a leader as “liar.” Is our police force so politically ILLITERATE and oppressive that police officers can arrest, assault and imprison a citizen for legitimately criticizing a politician? Damn! I strongly HATE APC, but truth must be promoted.

Please release the man. He did NOT commit a crime!

© Sankara Kamara