Send The Chinese Video To President Bio.

By Sankara Kamara…..

I have seen a bloodcurdling video, in which a racist Chinese flew into a rage and SLAPPED a Sierra Leonean during an argument. When the Sierra Leonean justifiably returned the slap, the racist Chinese man grabbed a long stick, ready to unleash a deadlier attack.

Affected by deep-seated inferiority complex, some of the Sierra Leonean witnesses did not even want the assaulted brother to defend himself against the racist lowlife who CONFIDENTLY slapped a Sierra Leonean, in Sierra Leone.

First, it was the Lebanese who were given a slave-master’s right by our political system to ABUSE Sierra Leoneans. Now, it is the turn of the Chinese to treat Sierra Leoneans like ANIMALS. If an African slaps a Chinese CITIZEN in China, an ANGRY Chinese MOB will KILL the African. Please send the video to President Maada Bio.

If the president has an OUNCE of NATIONALISM in him, he would STOP selling Sierra Leone to racists who see Africans as monkeys.

The bone-chilling video in which a racist Chinese fearlessly slapped a Sierra Leonean in Sierra Leone, is only the beginning.

Nastier indignities await ORDINARY Sierra Leoneans when the Chinese finish buying off the country from leaders who do NOT have NATIONAL PRIDE in their veins.


Copyright: Sankara Kamara


  1. Believe you me , this Chinese national abusing the Sierra Leonean is a Chinese peasant. A term that even no longer appears in Africa discuss; yet a large % of these new – wanna – colonialists lording it all over Africa & even impregnating young African girls ARE Chinese peasants exported to work their new Overseas mines.
    Wake up SaLone ! This shouldn’t be happening .
    I know this ‘Cos I read too in China.

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