Sierra Leone: Inspector-General of Police

By Sankara Kamara…..

The Inspector-General of the Sierra Leone Police has surfaced in a video in which he issued a disguised threat, strenuously exhorting citizens to respect the human rights of police officers. This Inspector-General is clearly NOT an intelligent man. Most APC and SLPP men can be found in sensitive, governmental positions because of tribal connections. Nothing more, nothing less! These people cannot run a country!

A moron with less than a dwarf-sized brain could have issued a more sensible statement. In the blood-warming video we saw last week, the rights of police were NOT violated. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans have seen the video in which a lawless police officer was breaking the law by horrendously ABUSING a CITIZEN.

An Inspector-General with even a peanut-sized brain would have known that the best thing to do was PUBLICLY CONDEMN the brutal police officer, so that the entire police force can be reminded of the need to respect the POPULATION it claims to SERVE.

By issuing such DUMB statements IMMEDIATELY after a policeman was caught on tape, assaulting a POWERLESS citizen, the Inspector-General could be MISUNDERSTOOD by less intelligent policemen, thereby continuing to abuse civilians. What a clueless way to handle a public relations problem!

Less intelligent and barely enlightened, some of these men cannot successfully run a country in the twenty-first century. You can thank APC and SLPP tribalism for the idiots we continue to see in the presidency and other top-ranking positions. May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara