Sierra Leone Legalizes Human Trafficking.

By Sankara Kamara……

Last month, the Sierra Leone Ministry of Labour announced on its Facebook page that it has lifted the ban that was imposed against the recruitment of young girls for export as slaves to Kuwait and other parts of the Arab world.

Shocking in its sheer stupidity, the Labour Ministry’s announcement practically allows recruitment agencies to freely operate in Sierra Leone, thereby luring desperately poor and naive girls into offering themselves as exportable slaves in the hands of EVIL Arabs in Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern destinations.

I find it very difficult to respect leaders who are so uncaring that they have no problem enabling the sending of their own citizens as prospective slaves to the Arab world.

Despite the evidence we have repeatedly seen on social media, always showing the torture and murder of Africans in the Arab world, African governments are still supporting the recruitment and dispatch of their citizens to Arab slave-masters in the Middle East.

Rather than deal with recruitment agencies by shutting them down, arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning their agents, the Sierra Leone Government has scandalously legalized the operations of human traffickers in the politically unfortunate country.

Sierra Leone is so politically unfortunate that most of our leaders are either heartless, less intelligent or simply uncaring.

As human traffickers, recruitment agencies should be targeted and destroyed, not legalized.

If anything, the protection of citizens against organized crime is one of the responsibilities of government led by civilized men.

May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara

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