Sierra Leone: These Men Are Not Civilized.

By Sankara Kamara ……

Apart from being UNPATRIOTIC, our leaders have another problem. Their levels of EXPOSURE to MODERNIZATION are so LOW that Sierra Leonean politicians do NOT know how to RUN A COUNTRY in the twenty-first century.

Even those who claim to be EDUCATED, can be so mentally DULL that they do NOT know how to run a country in the twenty-first century.

Several days after we saw the heart-stopping video in which a police officer was brutalizing a woman, NO POWERFUL Sierra Leonean has PUBLICLY CONDEMNED the criminal policeman.

The EVIDENCE against the policeman is so UNDENIABLE that politicians can PUBLICLY CONDEMN his brutality without jeopardizing the so-called investigation.

In a country run by CIVILIZED men, the Inspector-General of Police, President Maada Bio OR the Minister of Internal Affairs, would have held a press conference to PUBLICLY CONDEMN the bestial brutality we saw on tape.

These three men {the President, Inspector-General of Police and minister in charge of police, the Minister of Internal Affairs}, are so POWERFUL that every police officer will listen, when they speak. The nation will get the message, when they speak.

How can YOUNG Sierra Leoneans know the difference between “good” and “evil,” when those in POWER refuse to publicly CONDEMN evil? IIt is incontestably clear that these rulers are NOT civilized. They do not know how to RUN A COUNTRY in MODERN times.

I did NOT post this message to make friends. This message was posted because it is brutally frank.

May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara