SLPP Days Are Numbered: Sierra Leoneans Will Reject Them In 2023.

By Kabs Kanu (Cocorioko Publisher)…

Never in the history of our nation have we had a government as corrupt, tribalistic, inefficient, uncivilized and unprogressive as the present SLPP government led by President Maada Bio.

Everyday that dawns, Sierra Leoneans are frustrated and disappointed for voting for this Mafia and terrorist group called the SLPP. The level of corruption within the government, the horrendous human rights abuses , the disgusting tribalism and nepotism , the alarming lack of direction and wasteful spending of our meagre resources have turned the people against the SLPP government . In just three years in office, this SLPP government is the most hated and unpopular government we have ever had in the chequered annals of our country.

When you see market women and street traders boldly abandoning business and jubilating behind opposition officials when they hit the city as they do when Ernest Koroma, or Samura Kamara or Palo Conteh comes to town , you know how unpopular this government had become. The people are sending a very strong message that Sierra Leoneans made a mistake in 2018, though it was actually the British that imposed President Bio on us in reprisals for the growing influence of China under the APC government.

Cost of living has escalated under the rampant corruption and ineffective governance of this government . Life is so difficult for struggling Sierra Leoneans who can no longer afford even one square meal a day.

It is very obvious that 2023 will sound the death knell of the Maada Bio misadventure in Sierra Leone. The people are ready to send the SLPP government packing in 2023.

Maada Bio will face the angry wrath of the people if he refuses to leave office after his defeat in 2023 or if he tries to rig the elections. If he has never seen people’s power before, he will experience it in 2023 as Yaya Jammeh did in The Gambia.

Let all suffering Sierra Leoneans be comforted that their pain will end in 2023. The SLPP are not fit for purpose and will be voted out by the people of Sierra Leone.

A clean breath of fresh air will blow throughout the land in 2023.

Edited by Pormasu Takorfai.