Some Africans Are Sorrowful.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Africans are the ONLY people who pray for those who treat them like animals. If you want to fool an African, either give him a religion or brainwash him to “be the big one” and urge him to “take the high moral ground.”

We are the ONLY people who desperately seek BROTHERHOOD with those who see us as slaves and monkeys.

Arabs do NOT pray for their enemies. Arabs are known for killing their enemies either through war or suicidal attacks. Arabs will even kill INNOCENT people, for NOT belonging to Islam.

Please show me an instance where Arabs prayed for those who conquered, ENSLAVED and RAPED Arab women the way African men and women are treated in the Middle East. Arabs do not stand with their enemies.

Let that sink in, my dear sorrowful Africans. I CANNOT stand with Palestine. I stand with the AFRICANS in Mauritania ENSLAVED by ARABS.

© Sankara Kamara