Test SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine On Chinese Nationals In Sierra Leone First.

By Festus Justus Margai…..

The consignment of SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine donated by the Chinese government which arrived recently in the country, though a good gesture must first be tested on the Chinese Ambassador and other Chinese nationals working in the country.

The test must be carried out on all Chinese nationals before being applied to Sierra Leone citizens. This is in order to ensure that the vaccine is fit for purpose because it is understood that a report was made in a Taiwanese newspaper (www.taiwannews.com.tw/en) about the death of an Indonesian nurse who died nine days after receiving a dose of the SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine.

This is very alarming and should not be taken lightly.
China has recently started exporting shipments of its SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine as part of its vaccine diplomacy efforts to rebuild its tarnished image and gain an edge on Western rivals amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic.

This writer is therefore calling on the government to ensure that it protects its citizens and ensure that Chinese national and diplomats are the first to be administered the vaccine to ensure its efficacy and to also ensure it is good for human consumption before it is administered to Sierra Leoneans.