The APC Will Lose In 2023.

By Tamba Lamina…..

The APC  is going to lose the next general elections on the first ballot.

This just concluded Kambia Bye- election has given us a clarification that the SLPP is not only striving to become a national party, but has also established a significant presence in the APC perceived strongholds and either winning elections or going neck and neck with the APC .This is another macrocosm of many areas in the north.

Planners for the APC  should see this as a devastating result and change course immediately,  if they are to take on the SLPP .At the moment the SLPP has secured enough geo-political ground to crush any political party that stands in its way.

These Bye- elections are going to translate into the general elections. Make no mistake.

Another significance is that there is a general SLPP  acceptability in the north-western corridor of the country whuch is further shrinking the remaining APC strength. APC  is still going to win the north-western region but not by a convincing margin to enable them defeat the SLPP.

The SLPP  has made these significant north-western inroads not by the preaching of tribalism but by the equitable distribution of development programs.

If you see them building a free way in Moyamba, you will see them building a bridge in Port loko.

If you see them building a hospital in Port loko, you will see them redoing all the roads in Kenema.

So you notice that equilibrium in development and this has resonated with the people in the northern province.

Mathematically, the APC is now cornered and now becoming certain that even in 2028,they are going to find it difficult to defeat the SLPP.

The only districts now that are going to attempt to give the APC  a block vote are Bombali and Tonkolili.

But in Tonkolili, we have started noticing some shifts in opinion thanks to Orman Bangura and Sheybom Kanu.

The APC will go into the next general elections from a weak position because the SLPP is not going to stop these development strides all across the country.

Very soon, the west African power project, which the SLPP revamped, will provide almost 20 hours electricity in Kambia, Kono, Kenema, Bo, Pujehun, Kabala, Moyamba,  Bonthe,Freetown.

Copyright: Tamba Lamina.