The Directionless New Direction.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Cabinet ministries and other government offices can be so financially costly to maintain that they should only be created to SERVE a NATION.

A cabinet ministry requires a heterogeneous collection of employees and functionaries, paid by the state. It is therefore a waste of money to create a political office that is useless to national development, while simultaneously sucking precious resources.

Apart from his knack for embezzling state funds, Ernest Koroma was also a bad leader who created several meaningless offices for his praise-singers, thereby putting a crippling strain on our treasury. If you run an ailing country in such a crude manner, you will increase and worsen its PROBLEMS.

One of President Bio’s acts of unpatriotism was the creation of a fanciful juggernaut, known as Chief Minister’s Office. Any TRULY EDUCATED Sierra Leonean can look at Chief Minister’s Office and deduce that it was created for the sole purpose of buttering the BREAD of the president’s friend, David Francis.

After Nabeela Tunis’s poor performance and dismissal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President Bio has created a brand-new office for her, a bureaucracy which confusingly refers to Mrs. Tunis as “Regional Minister, Western Region.” How SERIOUS, PATRIOTIC and INTELLIGENT is President Bio?

The creation of money-sucking offices for friends and tribesmen, is an act of corruption.

Misery is so commonplace in Sierra Leone that even BASIC NECESSITIES like WATER and ELECTRICITY are unavailable in most cases. Such a country should be governed by an intelligent and considerate leader, rather than a weak-willed man who easily succumbs to tribalism, cronyism and other forms of corruption.

As a NATIONALIST, I am profoundly disappointed because President Bio promised to chart a NEW DIRECTION, only to be corrupt, less intelligent and as directionless as his predecessors, Joseph Saidu Momoh and Ernest Koroma.

May God have mercy on politically unfortunate Sierra Leone.

© Sankara Kamara