The Guinean Mentality Against Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara…..

I have read the trashy comments reportedly uttered during the meeting in Conakry between President Alpha Conde and Sierra Leone’s peace-seeking mission. President Alpha Conde did nothing but issue a string of meaningless statements, wrapped in rubbish. Sierra Leoneans living in Sierra Leone cannot credibly undermine a Guinean presidential election.

The reason? As a country that has NEVER experienced democracy and civilized politics in general, Guinea’s FAKE presidential elections are always rigged and stolen by an incumbent Guinean president. Alpha Conde’s allegation that Sierra Leoneans contrived to help the Guinean opposition was just a pretext for bullying Sierra Leone.

Fullas living in Dakar, SENEGAL, were militantly opposed to Alpha Conde. As a matter of fact, Fullas in Senegal were so resolutely against Alpha Conde that they openly organized loud demonstrations which attracted THOUSANDS of GUINEAN militants in the streets of Dakar. Why is the Guinean army not attacking Senegalese towns and villages?

Sierra Leone needs to face reality and rebuild its army. We do NOT need a well-armed army to attack our neighbors. No. Far from it. We need a pugnaciously ass-kicking ARMY for SELF-DEFENSE.

The international landscape is an anarchical place comparable to a jungle, where the STRONG survives through sheer viciousness while WEAK nations are BULLIED without remorse.

If Alpha Conde dies today, the next Guinean president will predictably BULLY Sierra Leone because the Guinean NATIONAL MENTALITY strongly believes Sierra Leone is militarily weak.

If we do NOT strengthen our ARMY with TRAINING and BASIC conventional WEAPONS, brutal Guinea will continue to HUMILIATE and choke us like an anaconda constricting its prey.

May God bless Sierra Leone with leaders who are intelligent rather than mentally average, and nationalistic instead of unnationalistic.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara