The Truth About Sierra Leone.

By Sankara Kamara…..

Three years ago, an Indian national living in Sierra Leone conspired to kill a Sierra Leonean. When the initial publicity died down, the case came to nothing, thanks to the treacherous political system that controls our country.

The latest case, involving a racist Chinese national who fearlessly slapped a Sierra Leonean and threatened to destroy our compatriot’s sex organs with a stick, will pass with unchallenged impunity.

It does not matter whether APC or SLPP is in power. Our political culture is run by men who are dumb and unexposed to how the rest of the world sees AFRICANS. In most cases, our politicians are like slave-traders, ready to SELL their own people for money and “gifts” from Lebanese, Indians and whoever has cheap trinkets to offer.

Yet, Maada Bio’s government claims it wants to discourage corruption. What a joke! It is very difficult for YOUNG Sierra Leoneans to be PATRIOTIC in a country where the political system has no problem selling citizens to RACIST foreigners.

PATRIOTISM and CITIZENSHIP mean NOTHING in Sierra Leone, a country led by men who do not even know how to LOVE and RESPECT themselves as AFRICANS in an international system that still believes in enslaving AFRICANS.

Maada Bio and his team may have been to school, but they are so UNEXPOSED to global realities that the president and his men are, frankly, unconscious and illiterate.

Patriotism, the WORTH of CITIZENSHIP and nationalism, DIED in Sierra Leone long ago.

No president has tried to reawaken these important national values! Tragic, but true.

© Sankara Kamara