Three Years of President Bio

By Sankara Kamara…..

Corruption, poverty and other sociopolitical problems existed in Sierra Leone before President Bio was elected in 2018.

Analytically, the president is not solely responsible for the country’s 60-year-old problems.

The problem with President Bio is his FAILURE to register himself as a positively DIFFERENT leader.

Rather than chart a new direction, President Bio is a disappointingly CORRUPT and directionless leader, aberrations which make him no different from the APC mafia gang he replaced.

President Bio is so MENTALLY WEAK that he gave in to his wife’s pressure and flew to Lebanon on a three-week honeymoon, recklessly spending one million dollars during that shocking adventure. A leader with a BRAIN and VISION will NEVER engage in such childish escapades.

On the third anniversary of his ascension to power, President Bio SHOULD have tried to SAVE FACE by conducting a GENUINE cabinet RESHUFFLE to ELIMINATE useless ministries and purge CORRUPT friends like Chief Minister, a slimy opportunist who serves NO useful purpose in Sierra Leone.

When SLPP propaganda is peeled off, it would become clear that President Bio is on his way to becoming another Joseph Saidu Momoh, a time-wasting buffoon who was known for being dangerously WEAK, corrupt, LESS INTELLIGENT and susceptible to manipulation by the smarter crooks around him.

May God have mercy on POLITICALLY UNFORTUNATE Sierra Leone.

Copyright: Sankara Kamara