Why The APC Should Never Return To Power.

By Sorie Fofana…..

In 2018, the electorates voted the APC Party out of office after eleven years in power. The electorates had become fed-up with the failed leadership of the APC Party.

The APC administration had become so unpopular that even the country’s bilateral and multi-lateral partners decided to stop dealing with the Government, by suspending their programmes and activities in the country.

President Dr. Julius Maada Bio came to power in April 2018 on an anti-corruption platform. He promised to tackle corruption, ist root and branches. Three years after his election as President, corruption has drastically been curtailed, thanks to the tenacity of the uncompromising ACC boss, Francis Ben Kaifala.

In his 2018 election manifesto, President Bio promised to develop the country’s human capital resources  through the introduction of a free quality education programme. Three years threafter, the enrollment in primary schools has increased threefold.

With Bio as President, the international community has returned to the country and  resumed all programmes and projects that they had abandoned in the year leading to the 2018 elections.

Sierra Leone’s credibility in the international community has been fully restored, after President Bio came to power in 2018.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected Sierra Leone’s economic growth. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected even major economies across the globe. It has led to massive unemployment and the collapse of several financial institutions and major economies across the globe.

The Government of Sierra Leone, under the astute leadership of President Bio, has continued with the implementation of the free quality education programme, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. 22 percent of the country’s budget is allocated to the education sector. This clearly shows the seriousness that the President attaches to education and human capital development.

As Presidential and Parliamentary elections draw closer, the electorates will have a clear opportunity to vote for continuity under the SLPP or vote for the return of a monumental corruption, breakdown of law and order and economic mismanagement under the APC.

The APC’s eleven years in office (2007-2018) witnessed the near collapse of the country’s economy under the weight of massive corruption.

Voting for the APC in 2023 is a vote for the return of rampant corruption, indiscipline, underdevelopment, bad governance, the collapse of the free quality education programme, the return of nepotism and above all, the collapse of the economy and the breakdown of law and order.

This is why the APC is not good for Sierra Leone!

A vote for President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP in 2023 is a vote for good governance, free quality education, law and order, the promotion of human capital development and press freedom, increased access to electricity and water supply and above all, a transparent leadership and an effective and efficient management of the country’s economy.

The APC should NEVER return to power in Sierra Leone. They are not good for this country!

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